Modified Standards – Customised Power Supplies

Modified standard AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters

In addition to our wide range of products, FiDUS Power can also supply modified standards.

Based on your specific requirements, our AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters and medical grade power supplies can be supplied with variations to input/output parameters and non-standard connections to meet the needs of your application.

Complete the modified standards request form with your requirements or contact us for further information.

The benefits of modified standards

The use of modified standards over custom power supply designs can drastically reduce lead times, costs and the risk to your business, while still delivering the specific requirements of your application.

Shorter lead times

A truly custom power supply must pass through design, prototyping, tooling production and certification stages before it can be made available to you. However, a modified standard power supply from the FiDUS Power catalogue can be in your hands in just 3-8 weeks dependant on complexity of change while still meeting your specific requirements. What is more, our modified standards will have the same high MTBF, and the same 5 year warranty offered across the FiDUS Power range.

Much lower cost

Because modified standards are variations of existing products, much of the cost of a custom design can be avoided. The non-recurring engineering costs involved in design, testing and tooling can be minimised or avoided entirely depending on the nature of the modifications required.

Modified standards will also typically have a much lower unit cost as the economies of scale from the production of standard models can be passed

Lower risk of development

Because of the low costs and short lead times associated with modified standards the risk to your business is much lower than with a custom design.

Why choose FiDUS Power

FiDUS Power work directly with the world's leading AC-DC power supply and DC-DC converter designers and manufacturers. This allows FiDUS to provide high quality, reliable power products at a low cost.

With 75 years' experience in sourcing and supplying power products, FiDUS Power has the expertise to deliver high quality, efficient modified standard power supplies with short lead times.

Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities, our AC-DC power suppliesand DC-DC converters meet UL, CSA, CE and TÜV certification standards with reports available on request.

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